Teal Raff

Teal Raff

Biography: I fell in love with spin because I love how mentally and physically strong it makes riders feel! I am all about chasing those endorphins and getting that "rider's high" at the end of class. I love connecting with my riders and challenging everyone to try something new or do things a little differently each class. My music and the class vibes range from empowering and fun to let's get after it and leave everything on the bike! I was a dancer when I was younger which is where I developed my love for grooving to music so my classes are all beat driven. Mostly I'm drawn to pop and rap with a little indie flare and I definitely don't shy away from a throw back or something that's a little different! I can't wait to meet you and ride with you!

Teaching experience: ElectionCycle DC (Summer 2019-Winter 2020)

Studio experience:

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12:05PM Saturday, 2/27

Dumbarton House Georgetown (Tented+Heated)

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